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Product application of research results of the project - state project

under the National Key Program of Vietnam Pharmaceutical Chemistry Technology

No sugar - chemicals - additives

Ingredients: Extract from Hoan Ngoc roots and leaves, sweet grass extract, bird's nest.

Packaging specifications: 3g / bag, 10 bags / box

How to use: 

  • Dissolve 1-2 tea bags in 100 - 150ml of hot water
  • Drink hot or cold instead of beverage 
  • The amount of water adapted according to need

Storage: Store in cool place, avoid high temperature and humidity, avoid direct sunlight.

Expiry date:

  • Shelf life 36 months from date of manufacture
  • Manufacturing date and / or expiry date are indicated on the product packaging

Product license No. 16559/2014 / ATTP-XNCB Issued by the Ministry of Health.


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